Thursday, September 25, 2014

Patti's Got A Brand New Bag....

Well, I finally did it. I blew a kiss to Etsy.

My shop is still open, but with all the new rules, sales are down...sooo I opened an eBay Store!

 I am loving it! I can sell whatever I want, whenever I want to whom ever I want. No more rules! Having lost 52 pounds on Atkins...

 I have a lot of lovely clothes and shoes to sell. All of my merchandise is clean and good quality. I sell the way I would expect to be sold to. I am having a ball!

I have come to realize that selling is almost as addictive as buying.  My eBay store is

It is a lot like my Etsy shop, but more variety.  I sell pony bead bracelets, to works of art and museum quality collectibles.  I love the way eBay cheers you on.  They give you good ideas and encourage productivity, honesty, and reliability.  These are qualities that I can relate to.

So if you are ever just browsing the web, or need a pony bead custom bracelet or beautiful photograph, ...just come on over and visit me.

I try to list new item,s everyday.  I still ship FREE in the USA and use first class for worldwide when I can.

Most exciting thing I sold so far was my neighbor's Harley Davidson  100 TH Anniversary leather jacket. Send me a message if you are on the look out for anything special,  I just might have it!

As always, thanks for stopping by!  "La vie est belle! Life is Beautiful! Patti xo

Oh yes..I need a song...Here is another one of my favorites..quite appropriately....actually.



Loves Paris Studio - Patti Sundik

Loves Paris Studio - Patti Sundik

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