Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ebony and Ivory, An Etsy Treasury

Celebrating winter and diversity. Here is my nod to a different twist on holiday shopping...ebony, ivory, it is all good. With a little YouTube of Stevie and Sir Paul at the end!  Created from my lesser known etsy shop:
"You and your pet deserve the best!" Patti

Ebony and Ivory
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  1. My daughter's name is Ivory so needless to say, I love this song...even though she was named for my love of the country, has it's diversities and flavors. A sip here or there of something you have never tried will make you experience life to the fullest. Adopt a strange culture by trying to BLEND differences and you will understand HARMONY! by your friend Mary from branchonthebeadtree, ETSY, of course!

  2. Very nicely curated Patti :))


  3. Thank you for posting my Black velvet and lace Jessica McClintock Dress in this fun blog, Paul McCartney, my past love, always loved him, supper bad crush....

    Merry Christmas