Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Only Make Believe, An Etsy Treasury

It's Only Make Believe, An Etsy Treasury

Fantasy better known as "make believe" plays an important part in our lives.  As little children, we love to play "pretend." We grow up, and still want to wish things to be the way we want them to be.  At Halloween time, make believe is so much fun and acceptable. 

But when it comes to love and romance, Conway Twitty hits the nail on the head! How many times have we said, "No one will ever know, how much I love you so.?  It's only make believe."

Enjoy these wonderful Etsy Shops with wonderful grown up make believe items!  And, if you have time, Conway Twitty is waiting for you at the end on YouTube. He is singing, like no one else can, "It's Only Make Believe." Enjoy!

"La vie est belle!" Life is beautiful! Patti

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My hopes my dreams come true...
My one and only you.. http://www.petcollage.etsy.com/
But myself, I can't deceive,
I know it's only make believe.

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It's Only Make Believe
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Lots of "make believe" in this shop!


  1. This is great fun! Thank you for including my vintage cowgirl costume :))
    That Conway Twitty song brings back some vintage memories too!
    Robin :))

  2. Thanks so much, Patti, for including my pretend banana in this fabulous collection, and for giving it so much attention in your write up! I truly appreciate it! :0)

  3. Thank you for having such inspirational shops!