Friday, September 23, 2011

Blue Skies Smiling On Me, An Etsy Treasury

Blue Skies Smiling On Me

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Good morning! This is a great way to start any day.  Even if you are not "in love", this song makes you feel good just singing it!  An old time classic that never loses its appeal, especially when Ella is the singer! Enjoy some pre-holiday shopping in this lovely Etsy Treasury featuring lots of "feel good" items. 
A YouTube of Ella Fitzgerald singing "Blue Skies Smiling On Me" is featured at the end of the shops.  Listen to her belt it out, learn the words, and feel good whenever you sing it! 
Wishing you blue skies, today and everyday! Patti

"La vie est belle!" Life is beautiful!


Nothing but blue skies do I see.
Blue birds singing a song
Nothing but blue skies from now on...
I never saw the sun shining so bright
When you're in love, every thing's right...
...Blue days, all of them gone, Nothing but blue skies from now on.
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The one and only Ella Fitzgerald singing...Blue Skies


  1. This is just great Patti...I don't know how you weave your magic but sure do appreciate it!! And your creativity!! Thanks a million.


  2. The pleasure is always mine. My father and mother used to sing a lot when I was a little girl. For the longest time, all we had was a radio. So, I know a lot of the old fashioned songs that my Dad sang...I have them to thank for my creativity, for we spun golden webs out of spiders and made Halloween costumes out of paper grocery bags. They were amazing! :) Patti

  3. Beautiful collection. Thanks for the feature!

  4. great colour! thanks for the feature!

  5. Beautiful collection! Thanks so much for including my pillow cover here!

  6. Thanks so much for including my ribbon :) I just adore this treasury!