Friday, September 2, 2011

IF The Shoe Fits...

If The Shoe Fits...Shoes are very important to people. They are a symbolic necessary accessory that separates man from animal.  Historically, shoes are a fascinating subject.  In general, they are just fun to look at, talk about, and own. 

Today I am taking you to my Etsy Treasury where "If The Shoe it on Etsy. " I was impressed with the multitude of shoe buying options on Etsy.  Everything from doll shoes to black spiked mary janes with a lot of jewelry, photography, fine art, housewares and even mosaics in the marvelous mix of buying options.

It was very difficult to select just 16 items, but that is what treasuries are made of, 16 wonderful items that delight the eye and make you want to open your wallet!  Have fun shopping and remember!...

 "If the shoe it on *Etsy!"

*Just click on the Treasury. It is linked right to Etsy!


If the shoe it on Etsy.

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  1. Thanks for including my one-of-a-kind mosaic, "If the Shoe Fits," in this wonderful treasury. I agree that it's difficult to create a really good treasury with a clever theme and strong visual appeal. When well don (as this one certainly is!), a great treasury is a work of art in itself! It is truly an honor to be included with other wonderful artists!

    I love doing mosaics, and this piece was the first in a series of mosaics I'm doing using vintage shoe lasts (the wooden forms around which leather shoes are formed) as the base. Yesterday I finished number 5 in the series, and since I'm addicted, I'm sure there will be more. Still, "If the Shoe Fits" is my favorite. The color, the texture, the dimension work together to make a piece that's reveals something different each time you take a look. I'm pleased to say I just received word that it was awarded honorable mention in a juried exhibition of the Best of Missouri Hands annual exhibition.