Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bye Bye Blackbird, An Etsy Treasury

Bye Bye Blackbird, my father used to sing this song when I was young.  I can still hear it so clearly.  I never realized that there is quite a bit of mystique  and history surrounding its lyrics, meaning and interpretation.  For my academic readers, please check out what Wikpedia has to say about this famous song:

It is still a very popular song and is often used in movie soundtracks, just recently the Johnny Depp movie, Public Enemies,

For Johnny Depp fans, I have included a marvelous YouTube video from the movie at the end of my blog.  It is really cool to watch, because Johnny Depp is so cool, and the song is so smooth.

"La vie est mystérieuse et belle!"
Life is mysterious and beatiful!
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Make my bed and light the light
I'll arrive late tonight, Blackbird, bye bye.
No here can love or understand me,
Oh what hard luck stories they all hand me,
Make my bed and light the light,
I'll arrive late tonight, Blackbird, bye bye.


 Bye Bye Blackbird

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  1. I'm a huge Johnny Depp fan so I'm loving this!! I enjoyed hearing this rendition of Bye, Bye Blackbird. I'm off to read about the history behind the song.
    Thank you for including my vintage peignoir gown here.
    Your blog is excellent!