Thursday, January 12, 2012

SHAKE YOUR BOOTY, Red Ruffled Valentines, An Etsy Treasury With Lots of Love

Okay, I am going to admit that I am an Etsy Treasury maker junkie.  I am powerless over the urge to create at least one treasury every other day of so.  Am I procrastinating?  Well, maybe just a little.  But, it is all for the good of my fellow Etsy artists, I tell myself.  Today I was inspired once again by Pam Robinson's cool jewelry design..a necklace made of ruffled lampwork beads. She is featured in this treasury.  I am also hooked on all things glass since visiting Venice, Italy.  It was there that Murano glass became a part of my artistic soul.
So, what happens is this.  I start to work in my shops, I have two.  Then I roam around peeking at everyone's great "stuff".  Before I know it, I have either bought stuff, or made a treasury or BOTH!  I had to hold back from buying that cute little red ruffle crocheted coin purse!  I don't even carry change anymore!

So before I know it, I start tweeting away at all the treasury items to promote them, and pretty soon something just clicks and a song comes into my head.  Now granted, shake your booty has nothing to do with red ruffles except for the fact that red ruffles remind me of flamenco dancers...and so it goes.

Have some fun!  I did.  SHAKE YOU BOOTY WHILE YOU ARE AT IT!  :) LOL   Patti

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Red Ruffled Valentines



Red and ruffles
Go together like
love and couples.
On Valentine's Day,

You can never have enough of either!
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  1. WOW! This looks gorgeous! Thank you for taking the time to do this :)
    Mizz Moxie

  2. I've shaken my bootie a few bazillion times to that song over the years.....even at a true DISCO....hahaha...I never would have imagined it would become the classic "get out on the floor and dance" song played at every wedding reception in the past 25 years.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed this feature very much :))
    Thank you!

  3. I enjoy doing these. It is fun to remember the oldies! Thanks, ROBIN. & MIZZ MOXIE! Patti :)