Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Hippie At Heart In Love With Life And Color

College in the 60's was quite the experience!  In the world of art, so much was happening...including "happenings."  It seemed as if everything was "art."  I was an art education major, so I was a little more subdued than my fine art counterparts.  But, we all had a wonderful time exploring, art, life and our own personal growth.  Douglass College, Rutgers University,  was only a bus or train ride from NYC, so we took full advantage of  all the museums and galleries that the big city had to offer. 

In homage to one of the most incredible artists of all time, Pablo Picasso, I dedicate this humble Etsy treasury.  I am sure he would be laugh with those smiling eyes of his and give it a nod of approval...Celebrating Picasso, Abstract Art, Life, Love, Color and Etsy, here is my "Happy Hippy At Heart Treasury featuring the wonderful work of 16 talented Etsy artists!

Enjoy!  Oh, yes! Make sure you stop and enjoy the YouTube at the end, featuring of course,  The 5 TH Dimension's The Age of Aquarius!  :)  Let the sun shine in! 

"La vie est belle!"  Life is beautiful!  Don't forget Mother's Day..she likes color, too!  :)  Patti

Happy Hippie At Heart In Love With Life And Color

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Child of the the 60's
Need I say more?
Picasso is my mentor,
It is him, I truly adore.
Abstract color patterns
Are never a bore!
Patti.xo.Loves Paris Studio

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