Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In The Mirror I See Not Me, But Glimpses Of My Wedding Day Dreams, Dreams Come True

When I was a little girl, I had a scruffy brown teddy bear that I named Petey.  He was the official groom in all my doll weddings.  Male dolls were in short supply back then.  He was quite the gigolo and married everyone of my dolls from Ginny, Barbie and I think even Raggedy Ann.  We always had a tea party reception afterwards.  It seems like only yesterday.  

Then I grew up and had real day dreams about my wedding.  I am lucky that they all came true.  That is what I wish for each of you.
Stop a moment from your busy day and enjoy the YouTube of Prince William and Kate's royal fairytale wedding. Always remember that nothing in life is perfect, and to know happiness and love, one must have known their opposites as well.  Even the royal wedding was bittersweet. It is what makes us stronger and the good more precious.

These wonderful Etsy artists, my friends and teammates,  have beautifully handcrafted items to make your wedding dreams come true. I know you will enjoy visiting a few!  

"La vie est belle!"  Life is beautiful!..and your wedding will be, too!  Patti xo. Loves Paris Studio


In The Mirror I See Not Me, But Glimpses Of My Wedding Day Dreams

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Soft creamy ivory.
Pearls, crystals,chiffon, organza
Hearts, flowers,feathers and lace
Handmade on Etsy with discriminating taste.
I'll catch my dream in a shop or two.
Then off to Paris I will be on my honeymoon with you.
Patti.xo.Loves Paris Studio


  1. Beautiful! I'm having my 30th Anniversary this summer and remember very well the marriage of Lady Diana shortly preceded my own :)) My how times flies when you are having fun!

    Thank you for including me Patti

  2. Relly wonderful finds,thank you for adding me