Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Dad Is Big And Strong Like A Tree...He Likes Coffee...But He Loves Me., My Fathers Eyes

It takes a lifetime to appreciate our fathers, and even then it is not enough.  My dad has been gone for over 34 years, but the lessons he taught me remain with me today stronger than ever.  Just you wait he would say.  And, he was right. 

 I waited...and sure enough all the things he said were true.  My dad, Bill Budnovitch, was a humble man.  Born in 1907, he had a hard life.  Had to leave school in 7 Th grade to work in the coal mines.  He was everything..coal miner, assembly worker, porcelain sprayer, battery shipper and packer.  Most of all he was someone who I knew would always take care of us, no matter what.  And, he did.  He could sing, and dance, play the harmonica, tell a good joke and fix or build anything I ever wanted.  Thanks, Daddy.  

This treasury is for you and all the wonderful dads out there.  Be sure to listen to Eric Clapton at the end of the blog. He is on YouTube, singing, "My father's Eyes."

Maybe you will find something for your dad or something that reminds you of him in here...items from my friends and fellow artists on Etsy.

"La vie est belle!" Life is beautiful! And, Dads are awesome!  Patti xo.


My Dad Is Big And Strong Like A Tree...He Likes Coffee...But He Loves Me.

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Dad,wise old owl, knows business.
Catcher of my dreams, wind beneath my wings.
Smells good, takes us on adventures.
We're part of the same family tree
Someday I will walk in his shoes.
I love my Dad, and he loves me.
Patti.xo.Loves Paris Studio
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  1. Such a heart warming tribute to your dad ♥
    I am honored to be a part of it, thank you :))

    Best wishes,

  2. Thank you so much Robin. This treasury did not start out being about my Dad, but it evolved into a special tribute to him and all the good fathers and grandfathers out there.

    Thanks for always sharing a comment! Patti :)