Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Sea Of Love, Come With Me To The Sea, The Sea Of Love

"Do you remember when we met? That's the day I knew you were my pet. I want to tell you how much I love you.!" What a great song! It was my inspiration for this Etsy treasury full of love, the sea, and blue and white to show your love how much you care.

Please enjoy you trip to the sea featuring our two TAGT TEAM FSP shops, MaybeTheWhiteDog and JourneyProductions, as well as 14 other beautiful shops offering unique and exceptional gift ideas for yourself or your love!

"La vie est belle!" Life is beautiful!   Patti, Who loves the sea and love.....xo

The Sea Of Love

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Come with me, my love
To the sea, the sea of love
I want to tell you just how much I love you!
Featuring Tagt Team's MaybeTheWhiteDog and JourneryProductions
Visit these and all the other wonderful shops
To take your valentine to the sea of love.


  1. Okay, bags are packed let's go!
    Needs to be a warm sea though....
    Enjoyed this very much Patti, haven't seen that video since 1980 something :))


  2. Just love this theme! I am in the middle of summer here in New Zealand so enjoying th beach at the moment! Thanks so much for featuring my sea urchin block mount!

  3. What a beautfiul collection!!! Thank you so much for featuring my mermaid sign:) It is cooold here & gearing up for a this bit of summer warms my heart!!

    Take Care,