Thursday, March 29, 2012

Green Tea With Just Mommy And Me, An Etsy Treasury warm your heart..

When I was a little girl, I was very lucky to have a wonderful mother who taught me how to use my imagination.  We did not have a lot of money, but we never lacked for ideas. Back then, it was time spent together actually doing something together that mattered.  She taught me many things and one of my favorites was how to have a "Tea Party"  with my dolls on real pretend china with real tea and sugar.  She sure was the best mom ever.  Those parties are a special part of my heart.  This treasury is dedicated to her, Anna Budnovitch, my treasure.  I ALMOST FORGOT, THERE IS A SWEET CHILDREN'S CLASSIC SONG AT THE END ON YOUTUBE.  Maybe your little ones will enjoy acting it out with you!  :)

Wonderful  Etsy shops are featured in this very sentimental treasury.  Take a peek. You may just find something for your mom!  

"La vie est belle!!"  Life is beautiful!  Enjoy!  Sugar ? or cream?  or both? 

Green Tea With Just Mommy And Me

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First we'll wash up, so we are ready to go.
Off to our very own special Green Tea Party.
Don't you know? Mommy and me we love to have tea.
Please do not disturb our party for two,
Maybe next time, we will invite you!
Patti.xo.Loves Paris Studio


  1. Thanks, Patti! your story is so touching! Well, most of your are, but this one particularly touched me! Thanks, lovely theme. Thanks for sharing with us your memories and you owe that you had for your Mm. How lucky you were!

    MArtina loved a lot the song! She swings and laughs! Now I hurry to listen t the song, since she said - Again the teapot, again!

  2. That is so cute. They grow up so fast. Do you know how to act it out? You pretend you are a teapot and sing and pose. Kids love it! LOL. xo Patti