Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lemon And Parsley

Love the combination of lemon and parsley.  It was always a classic garnish on seafood dishes.  Not so much any more.  Too bad,  they looked so pretty together.  I have rounded up 16 combos that look pretty sweet and fresh in this Etsy Treasury.  I have joined a few new teams, to meet more people and expand my horizon line. That is what spring is beginnings. I have highlighted this past weeks birthday girl's shops! :)  Enjoy!  Oh, of course I have included my all time favorite Simon and Garfunkel singing Scarborough Fair.
"La vie est belle!  Life is beautiful!  Patti 

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Lemon And Parsley



Tart, juicy and bright,
Organic and green,
A gardeners delight.
Garnish your wardrobe,
Your home or your plate,
Keep yourself warm,
Yellow and green are meant to be seen!
Patti.xo.Loves Paris Studio